Anxiety and hypnotherapy

Anxiety hypnotherapy.

Anxiety is a problem that affects many people.  There are great individual differences between people, so that some are naturally more anxious than others. In a situation where most people are only slightly concerned, a few will be really frightened.

Such excessive anxiety is the drive behind neuroses, which might manifest, say, as a phobia, an obsessive-compulsive condition, or an actual physical illness. Amazingly, some of these illnesses may be represented through language metaphors. Thus someone with ‘something on their chest’ – i.e. unable to express something – may develop bronchitis, or if someone close is a ‘pain in the neck’, an actual painful condition in that part of the body may appear. These are clear demonstrations of the mind/body link.

People with the ability to visualize strongly are probably more affected by anxiety because they can imagine negative disasters so easily, and get more emotionally involved.

Hypnosis may often be an effective way of reducing anxiety. Another approach is to actually transform the anxiety into a powerful and positive drive.


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