Books by Dr Hearne



Hearne has had six books published to date (some co-authored with David Melbourne). Currently he is working on several more.

Download FREE Hearne’s iconic book describing his pioneering PhD research into lucid dreaming:

Hearne, K. (1990) The Dream Machine. Aquarian Press.

Download (free) the first 13 pages of The Dream Machine book.

Download (free) a full compressed (1.9MB) copy of Dream Machine Book.

Download (free) a full uncompressed (8.5MB) copy of Dream Machine Book.


Other published books are:

Hearne, K. (1989)  Visions of the Future. The Aquarian Press

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (1997) Dream Interpretation – the secret. Blandford Press.

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (2002) The Dream Oracle. Foulsham Publishers. (More info)

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (1999) The Meaning of Your Dreams. Blandford Press.

Hearne, K. & Melbourne, D. (2001) Understanding dreams. New Holland Press.

Chinese version of The Dream Oracle: