Finding lost objects

Finding lost objects and hypnotherapy.

Lost objects maysometimes be found using hypnosis. I’ve sometimes helped people who have lost valuable or sentimental objects to find them. It doesn’t always work – but if it does, the benefits for the client can be considerable.

There are a number of useful techniques. One is to use unconscious finger-movements to respond to yes/no questions put to the hypnotised client. Another method is tell the client that on coming out of the trance, a hand will ‘remain in the trance for a little while’ and draw the place where the missing object was last seen. The client may then realise, perhaps, that they inadvertently threw the object out with the rubbish, or, they may instantly and joyously become aware of its present location!


We offer hypnosis for finding lost objects in Egham, Surrey, London, etc.