Frames of mind

Frames of mind and hypnotherapy.

Some people think and use words and phrases in ordinary conversation that are, on analysis, rather negative. The trouble is that their frequent use can impose a markedly negative frame of mind on the individual – and others around. They seem to be setting up a mood, unintentionally perhaps, just by their use of language. The situation can get worse when the words and phrases become strong habits.

Studies have revealed that a particular frame of mind – a ‘schema’ – can be ‘primed’ in people so as to affect their behaviour without them realising.

Thus, in one study, a group of people simply re-arranged words on the topic of old-age. When they afterwards walked to the exit lift they were significantly slower, and slouched more, than groups who had arranged words on other topics. Amazingly, the words had set up behaviour in them that they were completely unaware of.

In another study, volunteers who re-arranged words on the topic of ‘professor’ performed far better in a Trivial Pursuit task. By monitoring and altering our speech, we can set up our own schemata, say, for remaining youthful, performing better at sport, doing better at work, and so on.

We’ve already seen how suggestion can affect the body – now here we see that the ordinary language of daily life, can affect our lives considerably. We really can improve our outlook on life by making positive statements – ‘affirmations’.

Practically, these findings indicate that we should monitor our own utterances and consciously change them to our advantage. Immediately before your child takes a test, use a pep talk including positive words and phrases (eg ‘you’re clever, intelligent, like a professor, you have a great memory’ etc). They could provide just the right ‘schema’ to give your child an edge over the others.

Hypnotherapy may be employed to establish these good frames of mind – in things like business, competitive performance, relationships, and for our own sense of well-being.


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