Hair problems

Hair problems and hypnotherapy.

The state of a person’s hair depends on physiological factors which we know are decidedly influenced by psychological states. This realisation is beginning to be appreciated by some hair experts (trichologists).

Anecdotally, many people report that the control and condition of their hair varies according to their emotionality. Indeed, everyone at some time seems to suffer a ‘bad hair day’. We can imagine for instance that the secretion of oil at the hair-follicles will alter in women with their menstrual cycle.

Hair is a powerful social signal to others – it gives an impression of who we are, and our physical well-being. Advantages and deficiencies seem to be projected outwards for all to see.

Stories also abound of persons going ‘white overnight’ by some process of rapid natural bleaching. One woman reported an absolutely horrific dream from which she woke only to discover that she had much grey hair. Another woman suddenly developed a streak of white hair on hearing that her son had been in an accident. One man, in the war, was shot with a group of others by the Nazis. He actually survived by ‘playing dead’. However, the next day his hair had changed from being dark to virtually white. Yet others may suddenly lose some or all of their hair after a devastating trauma.

Hypnosis is beginning to be used experimentally now though to improve the state of our ‘crowning glory’. Ask your hairdresser if they’ve heard of it!


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