Hypnotherapist (Dr Hearne)


Psychologist Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD) is on the Advisory Board of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council – GHSC/GHR                                                                                                                                                                                                       


If you are seeking his expert help as a hypnotherapist, please contact him by telephone on

01784 433421

Therapy at: Bulkeley House, Middle Hill, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey TW20 0JU (and other locations).

Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD) is an internationally known British psychologist who conducted the world’s first sleep-laboratory research into ‘lucid’ dreams (in which the dreamer becomes fully aware of being in a dream) for his PhD – completed in 1978 at Liverpool University. He devised the ocular-signalling technique and invented the first ‘dream machine’. The original sleep-lab chart records from his pioneering research, and a dream machine, are on permanent display at the Science Museum in London.

He is the Founder/Principal of the European College of Hypnotherapy and a therapist of great renown. He has lectured widely, and introduced several major new therapeutic techniques. He teaches hypnotherapy, as well as the more esoteric subjects of past-life therapy and spirit releasing therapy. Over the years he has been frequently in the media, especially television, in the U.K. and abroad.

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Some of the areas where hypnotherapy may help:

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Any medical condition MUST, of course, be investigated firstly by your doctor. However, there is a huge mind/body link, and the psychological approach using hypnotherapy may be useful in some cases.




Dream interpretation

Finding lost objects

Frames of mind

Gastro-intestinal problems

Hair problems


Menopausal symptoms


Obsessions / compulsions

Pain control

Past Life Therapy


Psychological infertility

Public speaking nerves

Relationship sabotage


Sexual problems

Skin disorders

Sleep paralysis


Smoking addiction

Sports performance enhancement


Stuttering, stammering

Teeth grinding (bruxism)

The hypnotic gastric band


panic attacks, getting over a relationship, vulvodynia, flashbacks, childhood trauma, ME, snoring, work problems, psychosomatic illness, driving-test nerves, embarrassment, lacking assertiveness, exam nerves, performance enhancement (eg for studying), loss of creativity, ptsd, moodiness, anger,  laziness, bereavement, bullying, frightened to go out,  depression, eating problems, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, shyness, lucid dreaming, travel sickness, spirit release therapy, self hypnosis, increase breast size, pms, self-esteem, etc.