Menopausal symptoms

Since people in this culture live longer now, most women can expect to be menopausal for one third of their life. Some women travel through the menopause with no problems whatsoever, while others are beset, at least initially, by symptoms – both physical and mental. Its onset can vary between 37 and 55 years of age – and is usually around the age of 50.

The key factor affecting the menopause is the reduction of the hormone oestrogen, produced mostly in the ovaries. As the ovaries begin to cease egg production, the associated lower amount of oestrogen has consequential biochemical effects which can cause a lack of stability in the autonomic nervous system. A whole range of physical symptoms may be reported including flushes, sweats, shivers, dry skin, joint pain, puffiness, vaginal dryness, nervousness, and headaches.

The medical intervention was to provide substitute hormones, but since recent studies showed that some serious medical conditions were found to be linked with such ‘hormonal replacement therapy’ (HRT), hundreds of thousands of women have had to abandon that medical approach.

Hypnotherapy, operating at both a conscious level, and unconsciously (via the autonomic nervous system), may provide beneficial effects for women in coping with negative aspects of the menopause.


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