Past Life Therapy

Strangely enough, the cause of some problems seems to originate in a past life of the client. It’s not a concept that I would have readily accepted years ago, but having since had much experience of conducting therapy on people, the links are overwhelmingly clear to me.

It looks as if ‘residues’ from a previous existence can affect some people even now. These left-overs may be: mental (say, an attitude about certain other people); emotional (negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, etc); and physical (a wound from a previous life may be represented on the body now).

As an example, one client evinced a powerful phobia concerning cats. They would run frantically out of a room, if such a creature appeared. Crockery and glass would go flying in the rush to escape. In hypnosis, using a method of obtaining signals from the unconscious, it was ascertained that the irrational fear came not from some unpleasant encounter with a cat in this lifetime, but from the emotional residue of a feared person with cat-like eyes who was with the person at the moments before death in that earlier life. It was nothing to do with cats. The realisation of that simple truth transformed the client – the fear had been evaporated.

The therapeutic procedure is to seek the past life trauma. One method is to get the client to visualize a corridor, with lots of doors off. They are told that one of the doors will lead to the particular past life holding the cause.

Past life psychological factors involved in medical conditions are sometimes manifested dramatically. One person with awful widespread psoriasis went back, automatically in hypnosis, to being a pilot in the Second world war. His plane was on fire and his skin burning. Within two or three weeks of uncovering the cause, his condition had cleared up. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Has research been conducted into past lives? Yes. Dr Ian Stevenson of Virginia University in America collected many cases in Asia where children stated that they had been someone else in a different village (Book: Reincarnation & Biology). There were some startling cases where the child had birthmarks on their body which corresponded closely to wounds (eg stabbings that resulted in death) of the person in the previous incarnation.

In this country many small children start to talk about their ‘other’ home, but they are usually told to ‘stop being silly’. Whereas, in the East, society is willing to listen to these accounts. Perhaps we should attend more to the wisdom of our children.


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