Sexual problems

Sexual interactions between people, because they are associated with strong emotions, can be highly susceptible to psychological interference.

With men and women, various blocks can be created that inhibit the naturalness of sex. The condition of not being able to perform can be devastating to some men. If the man experiences normal erections in dreaming sleep, but not with a partner, the psychological component of failure is fairly obvious.

Communication with the unconscious mind in hypnosis is a good method of discovering reasons for the dysfunction. There are many possible reasons, such as a feeling of guilt, say, or an unconscious antagonism.

In women, the focus is more directed on the feelings involved – especially the love or lack of love regarding the partner. Some women, for instance, almost achieve a climax, but then lose the passion. Another condition, vaginismus, makes penetration impossible. Hypnosis may be used to uncover the original aversive events that led to these blocks. Early sexual abuse might for instance be responsible. In such cases, some children might consciously or unconsciously have deliberately made themselves unattractive by putting on a lot of weight. The brain may have forgotten to ‘switch off’ the programme into adulthood.

One woman was frequently and terribly beaten by her father as a child. The poor child made the brave decision ‘not to show any emotion’ whilst being hurt. In adulthood she could not respond lovingly at all during sex because the ‘child’ within her – which had got stuck in time – was still obeying the strict rule she had made. But, as in the familiar scenario already given, it had not been ‘switched off’. In a touching hypnotherapy procedure, the woman cuddled a cushion, representing the child, reassured it that ‘it’s all over now’, and then eventually imagined the child smiling – for the first time.

She then visualized the smiling, comforted child melting into her, growing up rapidly, and the woman becoming a whole, integrated person. The child had controlled the woman’s emotions up to that point, but now the client was wonderfully free. Hypnotherapy may be a suitable therapy for sexual problems.


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