Skin disorders

Skin disorders often have a strong link with psychological factors. The skin itself is an organ having many functions, including providing information to others about our current psychological state. Thus, we broadcast our real selves to others by displays of, say, goose-pimples, sweating, blanching, blushing, etc. And eczema, psoriasis, herpes simplex, verrucae, and other conditions, have a fairly well-established psychosomatic component.

It may perhaps be the case, for instance, that someone who really does not want an intimate relationship with their partner, may unconsciously develop a skin disorder as a sort of repellent.

There is evidence that in some deep-trance hypnosis subjects, the sensitivity of skin to the sun can be altered by suggestion. Could some people, maybe of a certain personality type, invite skin damage more than others? This is a matter that is currently unconsidered by medicine.

Dr Ian Stevenson, who researched ostensible past-life cases, reported that physical injuries in life might sometimes appear as ‘residues’, in the form of birth-marks, on the skin in the next incarnation. This is a common Eastern belief.

Intriguing cases are certainly encountered in hypnotherapy. One young person, having terrible psoriasis, had been off school for months with the condition. In a ‘past-life therapy’ session, the boy described being a fighter pilot in the second-world war. The plane was on fire and burning his body. Within two weeks after the session, the boy’s condition cleared up. What do you make of that? Coincidence, or the result of the unusual therapy?


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